S Beach Auto Center Inc. is a small independently registered auto dealership. Our focus is on offering inexpensive used vehicles at reasonable prices while providing excellent customer service. Coming into our facility, you will be treated with honesty and will feel at ease with our pressure-free atmosphere.

As a small dealership, our goal is to provide a selection of approximately 20 vehicles to our customers. These vehicles are all available for viewing on our website and are physically located on our main lot and our offsite overflow lot.

All of our vehicles are New York State inspected, and we only use trusted shops to service our vehicles. We personally drive each vehicle before offering it for sale so that we feel confident in selling them and our customers can feel confident when buying them.

On a personal note, it has always been my goal to start an auto dealership of my own, but my ambition does not end there. I am a skilled auto detailer with years and years of experience and hope to offer auto detailing services from this location in the future.

Being a small dealership, you will most likely be dealing with myself, a family member, or a close friend that understands the common goal of customer service and integrity, which we strive for. We offer a friendly, comfortable, and laid back environment to our customers without the uncomfortable hassle of a commission based sales person.

We look forward to seeing you soon!